Beaufort County firefighters depart to assist with storm recovery

Beaufort County firefighters depart to assist with storm recovery
(Source: WTOC)

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - Help is on the way to Florence victims in South Carolina.

Twelve firefighters from around Beaufort County shipped out around 5:15 a.m. Wednesday morning for Hartsville, South Carolina on their way to help other first responders. They’re expected to arrive in Hartsville around 9 a.m.

These firefighters will be helping with relief efforts and replacing a crew from Columbia who is currently working. Those Columbia firefighters will now be able to get some rest and tend to their families thanks to our local firefighters who are now stepping in.

I asked what kind of tasks were expected of them and it sounds like it varies.

“The request came through the state that they needed three fire engines and four firefighters each. So, these fire crews will report to the fire chief of that area and they’ll get their task from them. It could be all in one fire station, deployed throughout the community, or deployed throughout the county wherever they’re needed,” said Lt. Daniel Byrne, Community Support Officer, Burton Fire.

Lt. Keith Kelley of St Helena said this isn’t his first deployment. He was sent to Columbia to help with flooding two years ago and says he’s happy to help again.

“Just like it is in the county of Beaufort, they’re strangers to us, but I guarantee you when we leave we’ll be shaking hands and everybody will be treating us like family. Just like they do here,” said Lt. Kelley.

The firefighters that left Wednesday morning belong to one of the following departments: Burton, Lady’s Island-Saint Helena, and Beaufort-Port Royal.

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