After SUV crashes into building, SCI relocates adult daycare to Thunderbolt temporarily

After SUV crashes into building, SCI relocates adult daycare to Thunderbolt temporarily

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Police are still looking for the person responsible for crashing into a senior citizen day center as they tried to avoid Savannah Police last Wednesday night.

While police search for the person, staff members at Senior Citizens Incorporated are still waiting to see what it’s going to take to rebuild.

WTOC spoke to SCI’s president about what the last week has been like without the day center, and where seniors who depended on that facility are now.

Seniors who call the Ruth Byck adult day center home normally, will be here at the Thunderbolt Senior Citizens Center until repairs can be made.

It’s been a week since someone drove this SUV through the front of SCI’s adult daycare center.

“This has been one of the busiest, most uplifting and heartbreaking weeks that I’ve had at Senior Citizens," said Patti Lyons, President of SCI.

Senior Citizens, Inc. President Patti Lyons says they've had a continuous train of contractors, inspectors, and today insurance adjusters coming out to help them figure out what's next for the Ruth Byck Adult Day Center.

A big concern was for the clients and how they would adjust to new surroundings.

Lyons said, “For most of them it’s been an easy adjustment, they see this as kind of a field trip. But for some of our other clients who have, who are pretty far down the path of dementia, the change has been very hard on them.”

Fortunately, they haven’t been alone in trying to get things back to normal for their clients.

Lyons said, “So many people have called to volunteer their time, to offer to help raise money. People have sent in money, and it just, it means so much. And we will use all of those donations of time, talent and treasure so we can make sure that our clients are back here, and back in the life that they have started.”

As far as the driver of the SUV, police are still looking for him.

Lyons says one witness spotted the man limping away from the scene the night of the crash, and he appeared to have a head wound as well.

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