Consider This: A look at this week’s Good News

Consider This: 10/18/18

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It’s been a week with lots of Good News stories, and we start Thursday’s with a sixth grader who is now a published book author.

Darrell Bryant, who attends St. Andrew’s, turned what started as a creative writing assignment in Mrs. Young’s English Class into “The Flower Nerd,” a book the 11-year-old published this summer. The anti-bullying story is about a young girl who is getting picked on at school. It’s based on something he saw on TV, not at St. Andrew’s. Darrell has already started working on a sequel to “The Flower Nerd” and is also writing a third book on a different subject.

It’s all about knocking down pins and building opportunities at the the AMBUCS Bowlapalooza. This is the largest fundraiser of the year for the organization that supports the needs of differently-abled individuals in the Coastal Empire. The popular and productive Bowlapalooza pairs bowlers from the AMBUCS' special needs bowling league with members of the local business community to raise money to support the organization’s causes. This year’s event raised more than $100,000, and Kevin Sheehan, Ambucs' national president, said the organization has raised more than half a million dollars in seven years of the event.

Finally this week, congratulations go out to our very own Dawn Baker and her Dawn’s Daughters organization. Last weekend, Dawn organized a career fair that united nearly 200 young woman with dozens of local professionals. Those who attended were given tips on how to become more successful in their career choice, as well as life tips.

This was the first year Dawn organized this event, and as you can see, it was a raving success. We at WTOC are very proud of the impact Dawn is having on these young women’s lives and on our community.

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