Thankful Thursday: Cochlear implant gives child back her hearing

Thankful Thursday

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - On Thursdays, we feature stories of people whose lives have been helped through the United Way...people like Caroline Creech.

Caroline was born profoundly deaf - a fact her parents discovered when she was nine-months-old. They were able to correct her hearing problems with a cochlear implant, and the United Way’s Savannah Speech and Hearing Program was able to help Caroline make up all the learning she missed in her first year of life.

“We work really hard to get the language where it needs to be in a four or five-year time period,” said Tracy Edenfield, Savannah Speech and Hearing Center.

“She talks just as normal as any hearing three-year-old would, and we owe it all to that program,” said Kristen Creech.

“You know, whenever we had Caroline and she was deaf, we’re like, ‘how are we going to - what are we going to do,' Brandon Creech said. “I’ve never even heard of cochlear implants before. Just to know that the United Way not only has already thought of it, but has provided a way is just so, so amazing.”

You can help children like Caroline by texting UWCE to 56512.

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