City of Savannah warning against pranks following ‘googly eyes’

City of Savannah warning against pranks after 'googly eyes' incident

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The city of Savannah is warning folks against pranks following the googly eyes incident involving a historic statue.

Some people are taking to social media for a competition and challenge to place these eyes on historic monuments. The city says pranksters could face serious trouble if they take part in the challenges. The city of Savannah says placing googly eyes or anything else on historic monuments is no laughing matter. They are taking this very seriously.

When the city found the googly eyes on the statue, they had no idea how the eyes were placed on it. They had to make sure they removed them very carefully so they wouldn’t damage the statue in any way. Thankfully, they took them off leaving no damage behind.

Since then, people have taken to social media to share googly eye pictures and even start a googly eye placing competition. Public Communications Director Michelle Gavin says it was a funny joke at first, but now they are worried about peoples' safety. There are fences and other barricades around statues for a reason.

“It’s something we have been able to laugh about and get a smile over, but this is something we have to take seriously because these are our precious monuments and statues that have been around for hundreds of years in our city, and we have to do whatever is necessary to protect that history and protect these monuments that are so beautiful in our squares," Gavin said.

The city also wants people to be reminded that there are security cameras in all parks and squares. Placing googly eyes or damaging a monument is considered vandalism.

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