Hollywood has new ‘Museum of Selfies’

Hollywood gets Museum of Selfies

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Most selfies wouldn’t be worth hanging on a wall, but there is now a place to do that.

A new ‘Museum of Selfies’, appropriately located in the town where everyone wants to be a star, is making it possible. If there was to be a tribute to the ego inherent in selfies, it would have to be in America’s most self-absorbed city - Hollywood - celebrating the self-centered act of taking a picture of yourself.

“This is super interactive and you can play everywhere. It’s like a playground for adults," said Kate Kutepova, Museum of Selfies, Creator.

Leave it to a selfie museum to try to validate selfies with history.

“It started from here, the first cave drawings," Kutepova said.

The Selfie Museum also attempts to legitimize what it calls the evolution of the selfie, to a form of pop culture, while offering self-centric photo opportunities with famous paintings and unusual backdrops.

“I like the fun facts everywhere. It makes me feel better about my selfies," one person said.

That’s really the only reason for a selfie museum: to make those inclined to take pictures of themselves feel better about an act that studies have associated with of narcissism, low self-esteem, and even addiction.

Of course, the advent of selfies does not necessarily signal the downfall of civilization. Maybe it’s just fun with photos, like face swapping.

“If you take a closer look at this painting, you will notice these two people have had a face swap of the two people."

Whatever you think of selfies or a selfie museum, the only person you have to reconcile it with is yourself.

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