Savannah Book Festival considering hosting children’s book festival event

Savannah Book Festival may host Children's Book Festival

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A book festival for children may be back on for the city of Savannah, at least partially.

The Savannah Book Festival is now offering to host a Children’s Book Festival event during their own big event in February 2019.

This all comes after it was announced in September that Live Oak Public Libraries would not be holding the 2018 Savannah Children’s Book Festival.

The library system said they made the decision to not apply for city-funding based on the understanding that they would not receive funding from the city because of budget cuts. The city refuted this, emphasizing that Live Oak staff were at a grant application workshop and had the opportunity to apply.

“Our mission is to promote reading and writing through civil conversation. Kids of all ages - 75 or 5 - learn so much from books, so the idea that we could reach out to the children of Savannah this year is just fabulous," said Kim Bockius-Suwyn, a representative of the Savannah Book Festival.

While the Savannah Book Festival will be taking place, there will also be a tent for the children as well. The Live Oak Public Library has agreed to donate $10,000 for the children’s event. They will also be the main sponsors of the children’s book tent.

Meetings will be held within the next few weeks to pull together all of the details with organizers, so you can expect to know more soon.

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