Society of Women Engineers host 7th annual Girls Engineer IT day

Society of Women Engineers host 7th annual Girls Engineer IT day

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Around 400 students and volunteers attending the 7th annual ‘Girls Engineer It’ day on Saturday.

Georgia Tech-Savannah and the Society of Women Engineers' host the program every year and say it only continues to grow.

“Both my parents are engineers and I love science,” says Celeste Baldi.

While Baladi is homeschooled in Pooler, she says this event has taught her exactly what to do with her future.

“I would definitely want to become a marine biologist if I got the chance,” Baldi said.

“Our goal is for you to have the experience," said Whitney Holt, the outreach coordinator for Society of Women Engineers. "Whether you go down the road and become an engineer or dancer, at least you had the opportunity to decide.”

This one day event each year opens the doors for middle and high school students to find out if engineering or STEM is the career path for them.

“It gives me the chills," said Holt. "I’m getting the chills right now. It’s really cool to just see the interest in the community. Nobody’s saying - no don’t do that. They’re saying yes we want more. Please come back and do more, do it again, do it more often.”

While boys are allowed to attend, organizers say the push is to get more girls involved as the number of female engineers nationwide is on the decline.

“We want to keep it promoted towards females so that they realize there’s this area for them to excel in and have a good time,” Holt said.

As these girls spent the day having fun and diving into their craft, the main takeaway was clearly that girls too can engineer it.

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