Agency cooperation, lengthy investigations leading to big federal sentences

U.S. Attorney on crime-fighting progress

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In the last month, a number of major players involved in drug-trafficking operations have been sentenced to time in federal prison.

This is just one of several initiatives the U.S. Attorney’s Office with the Southern District of Georgia is tackling to make the Savannah community safer.

One of the harshest sentences in recent weeks handed down here at the federal courthouse happened just last week, where a man convicted in a major cross-country drug trafficking operation was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison with no parole.

It was the largest cash seizure for the agency up to that point, totaling $400,000. It’s multi-agency cooperation and months, sometimes years of investigating that nets these kinds of results.

“Our federal agencies, in partnership with state and locals, are quite frankly, have just taken it up a notch, doing more operations, throwing the nets a little wider, working hard to clean up some of the areas in our communities," said Bobby Christine, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia.

Partnerships with the Department of Justice through Project Safe Neighborhoods have helped remove violent convicted felons and career criminals from areas like Cuyler-Brownsville.

Christine’s office along with the DOJ also announced this month that nearly a half-million dollars in grant money will help enhance school security in Chatham County.

“Bolstering security, letting parents know we’re doing everything we can in a proactive way to help share our resources with locals, not only to keep children safe, but also different initiatives that we are working on as well through funding for preventative measures,” Christine said.

The U.S. Attorney also said when it comes to working with local police, specifically Savannah PD, he’s impressed with the new ideas leader Roy Minter is bringing to the table to partner up and place resources for crime fighting initiatives.

The SGDA provided a recent drug prosecution synopsis listed below.

  • Edward Tyler, 168 months; and Ron Allen, 84 months - Operation Five HoleBrought in cocaine, marijuana from California through Atlanta for SAV distribution

OCDETF investigation

  • 11 defendants sentenced to 24 to 200 months - Operation High Rollers

Marijuana trafficking from Texas and California, distributed in SAV, Statesboro

OCDETF investigation

  • Anderson Holmes, 151 months; and Ronnie Cope, 120 months - Operation Lazarus

Previously, minister Cedric Manior, 120 months; Trevor Walker, 144 months

Cocaine trafficking from Texas to Savannah and elsewhere

OCDETF investigation

  • Tony Williams, 140 months; career offender, leader of cocaine trafficking organization 

Distributed cocaine and crack cocaine in Emanuel and Richmond counties

OCDETF investigation

  • Tyrone Williams, 160 months – career criminal indicted with 31 others in CBV operation

Distributed heroin in Cuyler-Brownsville community


  • 20 indicted in Statesboro – Drug trafficking conspiracy, weapons possession

Distributed methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana in Screven, Effingham, Bulloch, Jenkins and Evans counties

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