Cooler weather not driving mosquitoes away

Cooler weather not driving mosquitoes away

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -You may be one of many who’ve noticed there have been more mosquitoes biting the last few days.

A lot of people thought the cooler weather would make the mosquitoes go away, but that’s not necessarily the case.

“Usually, we are not going to see the mosquitoes go away, so to speak, until we get a good hard freeze,” said Jeff Heusel, the Director of Chatham County Mosquito Control.

“What we will see as the temperature start getting cooler is the activity level will drop particularly in the evenings.”

Activity level will drop, but that doesn’t mean they go away. It just makes them come out in the warmest part of the day. Some residents say they have noticed more mosquitoes at certain times during the year.

“I’ve noticed the mosquito population goes up and down, so at least once a week, I walk through my yard and if there is any standing water I dump it out,” William Shaw said.

Dumping standing water out is one of the ways people can stop the growing population of the 43 different species of mosquitoes just in Chatham County. Chatham County Mosquito Control says they have technicians in the field checking areas that may need to be treated and they are flying the helicopter around to check areas that are harder to access.

“If we do find mosquito breeding going on at some of these sites, then we can also use the helicopter to treat those sites,” Heusel said.

“Every now and then, about once or twice a month, a little yellow helicopter comes over and I can only assume they are spraying because they all disappear for about a week and then they come out with a vengeance,” Shaw said.

Chatham County Mosquito Control says they rely on people calling in the areas that seem to have a problem with mosquitoes.

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