Don’t Be a Victim: Facebook hacks

Don't Be a Victim: Facebook hacks

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - You might remember the widespread Facebook hack that happened last month, confiscating the personal information of at least 30 million users.

If you were affected by the security issue, or are still not sure if you’re a victim, it’s time to make sure your bases are covered.

Social media enables users to create and share content. However, millions of users weren’t ready to share their personal information with strangers.

“I just checked Facebook and there was a notice on top. It said my stuff was - my information was taken,” one user said.

Fifteen million users had their name, email addresses, and phone number accessed by hackers. While that’s not ideal, almost just as many users were left with a much worse result. Hackers accessed their username, birth date, and other devices used on Facebook. The most unsettling of them all? They could have accessed the 10 most recent locations those users checked into.

“It’s scary to know that anything that was on my Facebook could have been taken by people I don’t know,” another user said.

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook logged out 90 million users, negating the hack and making them reset their passwords.

How do you know if you were hacked in the first place, though? Facebook says red flags could be noticing a change in your email, name or birthday, friend requests sent to people you don’t know, messages sent that you didn’t write, or posts made that you didn’t create.

Facebook also has a link you can click on to secure your account if you’re having any doubts. While the social media giant says they’re troubleshooting every avenue, many users are still uneasy about the breach.

“I am pretty shocked. That’s like a big, big social media platform. I thought they would have more security than that.”

Facebook says personally identifiable information like social security numbers and credit cards were not stolen. They say following these tips should be enough. However, you always have the option of deactivating your Facebook page. Don’t be a victim.

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