Good News: Parker’s Golf Tournament

Good News: Parker’s Golf Tournament

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A lot of business gets done on the golf course - and Tuesday it was the business of helping schools in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

The Parker’s Fueling the Community Program generates hundreds of thousands of dollars for local education each year.

“We think education is the tide that floats all ships.”

With the 6th Annual Fueling the Community Golf Tournament, the Parker’s Company helped to raise that tide with a record 40 teams at the Club at Savannah Harbour contributing to the work Greg Parker does to support local schools anywhere there is a Parker’s store.

“We’re giving back to maybe 430 schools in our market area, so we take this responsibility deeply,” Parker said. “We think that we have a responsibility to give back and we’re happy to do it. We’re really excited to have all these sponsors supporting us trying to help all these local schools.”

Many of the teams were sponsored by companies that do business with Parker’s, and share its community vision.

“What Greg does in the community is awesome - working with the healthcare and the schools, which Pepsi’s a big thing with all the schools in my territory,” said Mark Begley, Pepsi Regional GM. “It goes without saying it’s something great to do for the community.”

While scores ranged from low to not so low, the most important numbers at the tournament were not written on a scoreboard.

“We’ve had the biggest turnout ever and our goal is to raise $150,000 so that we can give back to local area schools. It eradicates poverty, it creates economic opportunity, it reduces crime. We love being able to go into the schools and see how our monies are being spent. It’s up to the schools to decide how they’re going to do that, but we’ve hired people, students, from going in and speaking at these schools and doing things through the Fueling the Community Program.”

On the first Wednesday of every month, one cent from every gallon of gas goes to area schools through the program.

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