Gulfstream donates $2 million to United Way

Gulfstream donates $2 million to United Way

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Gulfstream donated $2 million to the United Way fundraising campaign on Wednesday morning.

WTOC General Manager Larry Silbermann was there to accept the check and push forward in the final days of the campaign.

You could tell by the gasps that many attending the check presentation didn’t know exactly how big the check would be from Gulfstream.

“Gulfstream Corporation actually matches the employee giving so you have to realize that a million dollars of this came from the employees,” said Deb Thompson, United Way CEO & President.

One of the organizations receiving funds from the United Way each year was almost speechless from Gulfstream’s generosity.

“It’s huge. It’s such an important part to this campaign,” said Beth McIntosh, Savannah Speech and Hearing Center. “I just can’t say enough about it. All the agencies, all the United Way agencies need this funding to help meet their mission. We couldn’t help provide services without this funding.”

Gulfstream’s check pushes United Way to 88 percent of their goal to raise more than $8 million for not only Chatham County, but Effingham, Bryan, and Liberty as well.

“Our average gift is $135 a year, so think about the thousands of Gulfstream employees that have contributed to make this gift possible. It’s pretty mind-boggling."

With more people in the Coastal Empire able and willing to give, President and CEO Deb Thompson says raising the additional $1 million in just nine days is definitely possible.

“As long as everyone out there that has been thinking about giving goes ahead and gives, we will get to our number and we will be able to support those 90+ different programs over the next year."

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