29 people gain U.S. citizenship in Savannah

29 people gain U.S. Citizenship in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - People who have worked for years to become U.S. citizens gained their citizenship Thursday at the federal courthouse in Savannah.

The ceremony is now one of the most memorable events of their lives. They tell us 29 people from 22 different countries gained their citizenship in the United States, but even better, they did it right here in the city of Savannah.

These men and women proudly grabbed their American flags and pledged allegiance to it as they all stood as one nation under God. We spoke to a few of them who told us it took years to even go through the process of gaining their citizenship. They say they have lived here long enough to be a part of American culture, but now the American culture is officially and legally a part of them.

“I’m so excited because now I can get a U.S. citizenship passport and I can vote, so I’m so excited," said Krupali Patel, from India.

“I came here not knowing if I would be a citizen or not, but now I am, so I’m just one of them now,” said Anjali Kava Chitroda, also from India.

The people we spoke to told us they’re planning to stay here in Savannah and make it home.

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