Thunderbolt family makes it out of home after waking up to bed on fire

Thunderbolt family makes it out of home after waking up to bed on fire

THUNDERBOLT, GA (WTOC) - Firefighters are investigating an early morning fire that destroyed a home on Clars Avenue in Thunderbolt.

The family was sleeping at home, but was able to make it out unharmed. They tell us they woke up to smoke and flames around their bed at about 5 a.m.

“Me and my husband were in the bed and I heard a noise, a sparking noise, and then I looked and my bed was on fire,” said homeowner, Pamela Mumford.

Mumford said she was in shock, but immediately thought about her kids in the other room.

“I jumped and I was calling out, ‘Fire!' I haven’t been in a fire like that as me being an adult, you know, this is the first time something ever happened to me like that," she said.

“Mama came in and woke me up saying, ‘Fire!’ I was sleeping on the couch and then when I opened the door, the bed was already halfway on fire,” Patrick Mumford said.

He tried to put the fire out, but it was too late. Pieces of the ceiling started falling down on him and he knew he had to get out.

“I tried to go get a water hose, but by the time I got back in the house it was so much smoke I couldn’t go back in,” he said.

Mumford tells us she believes an electric heater started the blaze. Thunderbolt Fire says they can’t say if that is the cause of the fire. They are still investigating.

“We are just thankful we have our life. My husband and our son...just thankful. I thank the Lord I’m here,” she said.

The family tells us they are staying with friends and family for right now. They hope they can clear off the lot and rebuilt their house.

Chatham Fire, Savannah Police, Thunderbolt Fire and Thunderbolt Police all responded to the scene.

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