A letter from Bill Efird and Scott Efird about AirTherms commitment to Toys for Tots

A letter from Bill Efird and Scott Efird about AirTherms commitment to Toys for Tots

For the past 9 years my business partners in Orlando, Billy & Ginger Gouty, have been involved with the Marines in getting donations for the kids of Florida. I figured if they could do it, the citizens of south Georgia could do it with Air Therm’s help.

How I got the idea

We have all you great customers in our Air Therm family that we feel connected to, so here’s what I was thinking…You know, you usually have your home comfort system tuned up by us every year. (Our Retail Value is $119.00 – but we offer specials for $69 per system.) And I thought – what if we take another $20.00 OFF the Precision Tune Up price and in exchange, you give a brand new toy to Toys for Tots for a child who really needs it? Hmmm…that would provide a lot of toys for children who would not have had a Christmas otherwise. I got excited – working together – we CAN make a difference.

Our entire team is very excited about the idea of working together collecting toys and getting in the holiday spirit…Especially at a time when everything seems so divided in the country. This is an opportunity to bring us all back together in such a positive way.

So What’s the Deal?

The deal is Air Therm will take $20 OFF our already discounted price of $69, down to $49 for a 20-Point Precision Tune-Up. After our technician completes your Tune-Up, you give him a donation of an unwrapped, unused, new toy that will be donated on your behalf.

When Do I Need To Do This?

The U.S. Marines will come pick up the toys from us on December 14th…so you will need to have your Precision Tune-Up done by December 13, 2018.

What If I Don’t Want To Get My System Tuned Up, But Still Want To Contribute?

If you don’t wish to have your system tuned up at this time for the upcoming holidays, you can drop off a toy at our office, and we will give you a $20.00 OFF Coupon for any future service from Air Therm. Our goal is to be the largest pick up that the Marines have to make this year! Together, WE CAN DO IT!!!

Remind Me, What’s in Your Tune Up?

Our 20-Point Precision Tune Up & Professional Cleaning Includes: Checking thermostat calibration, temperature differential, & gas pressures. Checking all motors, contactors, capacitors, voltage, amperage, & electrical wiring connections. Checking for proper air flow, refrigerant pressures, and test defrost controls. Safety Inspection of all electrical, gas pressures, and system safety controls.

According to energystar.gov, “Almost half of the energy used each year goes to heating and cooling your home.” Studies show that with regular tune-ups, a unit will maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. This means that the cost of a regular tune up is recovered quickly in savings on your monthly electric bill. Not to mention, avoid costly repairs and breakdowns during the upcoming heating season.

Come join with us in supporting our Marines in their mission for every child to have a memorable Christmas.


Bill Efird and Scott Efird

(912) 234-7268

State License Number: CN209210

P.S.: Where else are you going to get 30% OFF the already discounted price of a Precision Tune Up AND feel good about giving this year?