City of Beaufort considers making customers pay credit card transaction fees

City of Beaufort considers making customers pay credit card transaction fees
(Source: WTOC)

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Beaufort city council is discussing the possibility of passing credit card transaction fees over to customers.

There’s nothing more convenience than calling a number or logging onto a website or mobile app and paying your bill with your debit or credit card, but there is a concern. Companies who process credit card transactions like to charge a fee.

The city predicts more customers will soon be paying bills by card and expects those fees to climb even higher. But, it looks like the city of Beaufort may have found a solution, and that's turning the fee over to customers.

A department request was put in for a city council agenda item, and it's now included in the agenda for the Tuesday, Jan. 8 City of Beaufort Work Session. According to the request, in fiscal year 2018, the city had to pay over $18,000 in credit card transaction fees. The finance department says that's money that could have been used for other business.

Through an analysis, the city found it would be best for customers to pay the fee. The recommendation does not say how much the fee would be. However, the document says customers could avoid the fee by paying by check via mail or walk-in.

Because this proposal is included in Tuesday’s work session, this is the only time city council members will discuss the idea. If members want to consider it, the measure could go for a vote sometime in the near future.

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