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Burglary suspect caught on tape

Photo of suspect and car taken from surveillance video. Photo of suspect and car taken from surveillance video.

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STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Randy Totten says the only thing worse than being a burglary victim is being a victim twice.

"The week before Christmas, they broke into our house and stole all our camera equipment, and my wife's and my jewelry," he recalled.

He and his wife used to run a part time photography business from their home until the first burglary.

Then someone, maybe the same person, broke in again on Thursday. What the suspect didn't know was when Randy lost all his photography equipment last time, he replaced those camera with a sophisticated set of security cameras.

On Thursday, the family's security system caught the suspect's gold Saturn station wagon in the driveway and behind the house. It also clearly caught the suspect's face as he went inside.

Jason Long from the Bulloch County Sheriff's Office says someone will recognize the man, the car or both.

"This guy won't have a leg to stand on once we find out who he is because he can't say that's not him," Investigator Long promised.

Long said homeowners get what they pay for in security systems. This one beats most stores and some banks for clarity. He also thinks the suspect is the same one from December because he appears to know where he's going. That thought makes Randy even angrier.

"I work hard for my family and for my things just like anybody else. To come into my house, I can't put it into words, not clean words anyway," Randy added.

But if the video helps catch him once and for all, a picture will be worth a thousand words and Randy will have the last laugh.

"All we've got to do is find him," Totten concluded.

Long described the suspect as a white male with dark hair and a dark mustache in his early 30's to early 40's, 5'8 to 5'11. He was driving a gold 1999 or 2000 Saturn station wagon. Anyone with information is asked to call Investigator Jason Long at 912.764.1747.

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