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No sign of Miley yet

By Don Logana - bio | email

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - Ready for your movie moment? Your brush with fame? She's here. Miley Cyrus is in Savannah and Tybee Island is bracing for Miley mania.

We're told Miley Cyrus arrived Monday morning and will be in between Savannah and Tybee Island until filming on Tybee Island begins next week.

Today, not many Miley Cyrus sightings, as the teen superstar seems to be keeping a low profile. We are told she spent the morning on Tybee before heading back into Savannah. 

That's as much as we can say.

However, Tybee's exposure is going to pick up drastically.

The author of the book, The Last Song, has changed the location in the story to Tybee Island. Originally, it was a beach town in North Carolina, but because it was hard to hide distinct characteristics of Tybee, the setting was changed for both the movie and the book to Tybee Island.

Monday night, Tybee residents had a chance to find out what kind of impact the movie she will be filming and Miley, will have on the quiet island town.

Business on Tybee Island is about to pick up.

"Changes. A lot of changes going on," Joseph Emory told WTOC.

Emory has lived on Tybee Island on and off for 40 years, and has been through big movies filming there.

Another one starts next week.

"As long as it don't affect my business, it's just another day," Emory said.

Down the street from his home, a church is being built as part of the Miley Cyrus movie, The Last Song. In the movie, the church burns down.

"That's TV. Who cares," Emory said. He wasn't concerned about the movie magic about to take place, but Emory and other Tybee residents who did have cares, stopped by city hall to meet with the movie's location manager and others.

Starting next week, Tybee will also become a temporary home to one of the biggest stars in the world.

Emory says he hasn't seen paparazzi yet, but he probably will and more.

"I already know people checking into the RV park, wanting to be part of the movie," Emory said. "Camera bugs. Kids wanting to get in the movie. Mama's thinking their kid is the next Miley. That might be a problem."

Most people left the meeting with a good feeling and answers they liked.

"They are not shooting on the weekends. As long as their not shooting on the weekends, we can go about our business, enjoy themselves, not have people bother them," Emory said.

"People should not avoid Tybee because of the film," Jay Self, Savannah Film Commission director, told WTOC.

Self says production and filming will be hard to miss at times. Movie officials told residents the Pier as well as Tybrisa Street and the Strand will be major location shoots, but not to worry.  They will be in and out on a daily basis.

"Most of the filming is taking place on private property. You're not going to see a lot of filming on streets," Self said. "So people will still be able to have normal Tybee experience."

"We're a nice little quiet community and we want them to have the same privacy. Just like John Mellencamp. Sandra Bulloch. Whoever is living here or visiting," Emory said.

Tybee's population is about to grow, at least for a few months. Emory thinks everyone will co-exist, superstars, movie crews and tourists, peacefully.

"Enjoy themselves. Go home say they had a good time. Maybe even say they saw Miley Cyrus," Emory said.

Again, filming begins next week. The pier will become a carnival atmosphere by mid June, with filming wrapping by the end of August.

Residents were told no streets will be closed down, but access will be limited at times near the pier and residents have been assured any trucks in the streets during the day will be gone by night. Plus, no filming on weekends.

Also, no filming on the busy Fourth of July weekend. The movie officials promised to make this as smooth as possible for residents.

If residents have questions or concerns, they can email the City of Tybee Island by visiting the website at and all questions will be answered by movie officials.

Also, because Miley Cyrus is a minor, filming must be completed by 12:30am each day.

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