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North Georgia flood waters head south

By Dal Cannady bio | email

BAXLEY, GA (WTOC) - The sandbar at Carter's Bight Landing could be underwater in a few days. Roy Burkett is building a new weekend cabin just up the hill from the Altamaha River's bank. He knows the water that is flooding North Georgia will make its way south.

"They got something like 20 inches in one place up there," he said.

Flood waters topped the river's steep banks and flowed under stilted homes back in April and May. See Driving home by boat on the Altamaha River.

But Roy said even that wasn't as bad as the floods of 1994 that brought six inches of water into his place. That was why he sold it and bought his current property.

"I think I'm out of the way; I'm above the 100 year high up here," he noted with a shrug.

He's been in Baxley for 20 years and figured some of North Georgia's water will be here by the weekend. Projections are the water could raise the river level 6 feet or more. That would put the adjoining boat ramp completely underway and bring water levels over the banks and closer to homes.

Even if it doesn't threaten the cabins, it could keep boaters and swimmers out of the swift and swirling currents. Many local agencies in Wayne, Appling and other counties advising people to stay out of the Altamaha.

"I would like the river to be a little fuller than its been the last month or so. But I don't like to see it get so full people can't get to their places and all," Roy added.

According to the National Weather Service, the level rose 4 feet from Sunday to Wednesday and is projected to rise 4 more feet by Monday with more on the way.

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