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Woman charged with taking dog

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Ann Wylene Lam Ann Wylene Lam

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A woman was in court Tuesday, accused of taking a dog she says she was trying to rescue from a neglectful owner to save its life.

Day after day, Ann Wylene Lam says she walked by a dog that was chained and starving.

Tuesday, Lam showed us pictures of the dog she says was in need of her help. In the pictures you can see marks and sores on dog's skin.

"I was walking down the road and I happened to spot the dog linked to this huge chain. It was skinny so I came back to the house and I got treats and I started throwing treats every day for two weeks," said Lam. "I kept walking by and never seen any food or water in its dish, just dirt."

So Lam says she started feeding him. She tells us she has been feeding the dog since July. She also says she asked the owner's permission and says she was told it was fine.

But by October, Lam says she couldn't take it anymore.

"He wouldn't even lift his head to eat and I called my friend and I said what am I going to do. He's not eating, won't pick up his head, it's like he gave up," said Lam.

So Lam says not even thinking about the consequences, she broke his chain and brought him home.

But the owner called police and Lam was arrested.

"I was trying to save this dog and get attention for this animal," said Lam. "No, I didn't know I was doing wrong or this would go this far."

But it did and now at the age of 64, she's facing charges.

"How can you turn your back and walk away, how can you just say, 'Oh well that's their animal,'" she said. "If you got a heart, you can't do that."

Lam says she would do it all over again and is planning to fight this in court

"There's no way I could walk by that dog and not do it again. If they have to put me in jail, they do," said Lam.

Lam's actions may have come too late for the dog. Savannah-Chatham Animal control tells us they were trying to nurse the dog back to health, but he recently died.

The dog's owner refused to comment on the case, but has been cited for tethering and neglect.

Lam's criminal case was continued in court.

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