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More vacancies to come along Broughton Street

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA - With each month that passes, it seems more vacancies can be seen along Broughton Street.

Close to 30 businesses have closed during the past year, and more will be closing in the near future.

Some say the rent is too high for small businesses.

City council leaders say the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority should be working harder to attract larger business that can afford the current rates.

According to store owners,  they say the city council also recently directed the SDRA to shift its focus from Broughton Street to the corridors at Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard.

Owners say it's the city's fault for not helping businesses on Broughton Street stay afloat.

"We just lost another restaurant here that has been a figure in downtown for years," said Ruel Joner Jr with 24 E. "I hope it is a real wake up call for them. So I hope they take it positively and get on the stick. We lost American Apparel that is a large chain. It is not like they could not weather this. Also, about them trying to bring bigger business they are leaving."

Store owners say the city council is now waiting for the SDRA to deliver a plan for developing Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

The proposal will not include Broughton Street.

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