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Three guys walking 1200 miles for breast cancer

By Brian Entin - bio | email

In this heat, you can break a sweat walking around the block.

But imagine walking in the hot sun from Fort Lauderdale all the way to New York City.

That's what three men are doing – all to raise money for breast cancer.

They looked inconspicuous walking down Martin Luther King Boulevard on Sunday afternoon.

But Ben Baker, Jose Rodriguez, and Kyran Bharath aren't on the typical Sunday stroll.

"My friends really do think I'm crazy. I mean who doesn't? We're walking from Fort Lauderdale to New York," Rodriguez said.

It's a 1200 mile walk all to raise money for breast cancer. Kyran's aunt is battling the disease. Ben's already lost a loved one from it. "Breast Cancer hits a lot of people pretty hard and it took my Grandma from me when I was a kid," Baker said.

So when Kyran called Ben with the idea, he flew all the way from Australia for the walk. He says it's teaching him about the United States and the generosity of the American people.

"A lady stopped me a few days ago just after we entered Georgia and gave me a box with a pizza slice and a bottle of water. Another lady offered us a place to stay," Baker said.

This isn't a big corporate event or sponsored by some wealthy organization. It's just three guys traveling with food and tents. "I bought new shoes. I don't know if they are going to last the whole time. It's been roughly 300 miles and they are starting to wear out," Kyran said.

The men switch drivers every six miles, but someone is always walking.

Each step is motivation to make it to New York City and to raise $20,000 for breast cancer.

"If you really want to do something, you really just need the will power. That's all you need," Jose said.

All the money raised goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Log onto to donate.

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