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Richmond Hill woman recalled kidnapping

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By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - For the first time, a Richmond Hill woman who says she was kidnapped and forced in the trunk of her car talked about the ordeal.

She agreed to share her story with WTOC over the phone.

Paige Williams said she left Arby's in Richmond Hill on Wednesday night when her drink spilled she stopped in a subdivision nearby.

"I stopped, got out of the car and dumped the ice out, and then that's when the guy walked up behind me and said 'I have a gun, get in the car. I have a gun,'" said Williams.

"All logic went out the window. My dad has always told me 100 times if someone comes to run and take your chances, but my legs just wouldn't move -- nothing -- my mind, my legs -- nothing," said Williams.

She got into the car . She said she began arguing with the man. That's when she says he told her to pull over and forced her to get in the trunk.

"I pulled over somewhere along 17. When I did I could see those caution lights at Midway and so I kinda knew where we were, and he started screaming open the trunk, open the trunk," said Williams.

Williams says she had her cell phone.

"You would think you would dial 911, but the first thought is I might die, and I want to talk to my husband and tell him I loved him," said Williams.

But Willams said he didn't answer.

"The next person on speed dial was my best friend Gram, and he was my husband's business partner," said Williams.

She said her friend made contact with police and about the same time she felt the car slow down, and then heard the car turn off.

"I used the cell phone light to find the latch and opened the trunk, and when I opened the trunk, I was in the woods on a dirt road. The lights were in the car but no one was in the car," said Williams.

So Williams quickly jumped into the driver's seat and sped off. She met police at a caution light along Highway 17.

Williams said she was didn't get hurt, that it was a scary experience.

"You can never be too safe and that's when you let your guard down and stuff like happens. It could have been a lot worse," said Williams.

Williams said she just hopes police can find her kidnapper and put him behind bars.

Police are still investigating. Those who have any information about the case can call the Richmond Hill Police Department.

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