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Rock 'N' Roll marathon allows runners to overcome personal struggles

Rock 'N' Roll marathon allows runners to overcome personal struggles


The heat wasn’t the only element affecting the runners today. Many are dealing with personal hardship, but race day was their way to shine.

Race participant Tammy Landeen said it best, “it takes the intestinal fortitude and the grit and gives it all right back on the street.”

Tammy Landeen isn’t your average runner, but that isn’t stopping her. She is an amputee but during the Rock 'N' Roll marathon she made her husband and daughter proud taking on an entire 26 miles.

Landeen spoke more about her support system saying, “they are my pit crew, I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without their help.”

For others the race is uplifting and helps them conquer their struggles.

Runner Beth Deloria told us, “I went 2 years without being able to run, I was depressed and a lot of things in my life changed because I couldn’t do it.”

Deloria had a series of birth defects that left her leg paralyzed at 38 but through new technology and a powerful will she is running the Rock ' N' Roll with a special message.

She shared that message with us saying, “whether your passion is running or just playing with your grandchildren don’t give up on finding something that works for you.”

And there were those who ran that are facing a different type of battle, heart ache after losing a friend but they were strong as well.

Manager of Fleet Feet, Chris Ramsey spoke of his late friend, Robert Espinoza, “usually he is the first person at the finish line to give me a pat on the back and stay out of my way for the rest of the day, it is definitely different.”

Robert Espinoza was the jog father, and the driving force behind bringing the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon to Savannah. Espinoza passed earlier this year. Ramsey told us he could feel Robert telling him to keep going.

Ramsey quoted Robert saying "at the very end there was a 'Grind now shine later' and I wanted to walk so bad but I couldn’t do it."

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