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Carter: Georgia's Voter ID Law "Obnoxious"

Former President Jimmy Carter has some strong criticism of Georgia's new voter ID law. The state now requires photo identification in order to vote. Carter says the law is designed to prevent the old, handicapped, poor and minorities from exercising their right to vote.

He added that many will have a difficult time finding transportation to a state office that produces the cards since some cities and counties don't even have such a facility.

"Georgia passed an absolutely obnoxious law last January that is highly discriminatory," Carter said. "My personal belief is that it was specifically designed to prevent old people, poor people, and African Americans from voting."

Instead Carter recommends that the law begin by the year 2010, but the photo ID cards that now cost between $10 and $35 should be free and the representatives should be required to go all over the state and recruit new voters.

Reported by: Katie Pike,

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