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Elementary Student Gives Prize Bicycle to Classmate

This time of year, with Christmas six weeks away, most kids are thinking about getting presents, not giving. But we found one elementary school student giving another child in need a very special gift.

Bartow Elementary's gym was packed with young students who waited to hear which one of them would win brand-new bikes. The bicycles would only be given to the students who won the American Education Essay Contest. There would be a winner from each class, including nine-year-old Christian Parker, who thought being given a new bike was great.

"It was a nice thing to do," he said.

As each winner walked up to receive their well-deserved prize, one winning student did the unexpected. "I already have a bike and it's about a year and a half old," said Christian.

Christian was one of the many winners of the essay contest, and even though he did win a new bike, he knew he didn't really need it. So, he decided to give his new one away to somebody who needed it more, a fellow student and victim of Hurricane Katrina.

"My home is gone and I lost my clothes and my bike," said Ymani Garnet, who evacuated from New Orleans.

Now little Ymani can ride her new bike whenever she wants, thanks to one child's random act of kindness.

"Thank you Christian for my bike," Ymani said.

In front of the entire school, these two students, once strangers, demonstrated a very important life lesson in how sometimes it's in the giving that we truly receive.

All the bicycles were donated by the employees of Georgia Therapy Associates.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com

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