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Scooter Store Burglarized Twice in Same Day

As more and more people in Savannah voice concerns about crime, owners of one Savannah business are speaking up as well,  having been hit by burglars twice in one day. Scooter World on Victory Drive was burglarized two times on Monday, nine times in the last two years. And those are just the reported incidents.

They've had as many as 20 break-ins since opening three years ago. After Monday's double whammy, the owners are stepping up security again and joining the fight on crime.

Alarms didn't stop the burglars, and neither did security bars on the windows. "That took a vehicle to pull that off," said the store's Pam Hoang.

In what seems like a never-ending streak of crime, Scooter World was just another victim Monday. "Right in the middle of the day," said Hoang. "These are brazen thugs doing this. They are not scared of anything."

Monday they caught the culprit inside the store. He even used their tools to bust a hole in the side wall. Twenty minutes after the security alarm went off, police and Hoang's husband arrived on the scene.

"They had police in the front, police out back, but he went through the side hole in the building," said Hoang.

Once sounds bad enough, but just earlier that morning, around 3am, thieves pulled the bars out of the cement in the back of the store, got through the window and stole three bikes worth as much as $2,000 dollars.

"Same thing," said Hoang. "Took the bars off, went through the window. Nobody wants to stay in business where they keep getting broken into."

Hoang says when they opened, she figured it was a perfect location with three police stations nearby. "Maybe police are stretched too thin," she said. "The budget needs to be increased."

Scooter World is beefing up security with new alarms again, for another $300. "We're going to install along the walls, where they got in, and in the back," said Hoang.

And they are joining the fight against crime. "It's all the same people. We just need to clean up Savannah a little bit."

Hoang says Scooter World will be making a $100 donation to the reward to find Jennifer Ross' killer. She's challenging other businesses to match it. They hope more money will lead to information.

So far, police have no leads on Monday's Scooter World burglaries.

Reported by: Don Logana,

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