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Possible Gang Related Shoot Out

Police recovered shell casings and a red bandana. Police recovered shell casings and a red bandana.

Police say a shoot out in Hinesville could be gang related.

It all happened late Saturday evening.  Hinesville police started receiving complaints about a large number of shots being fired.

Residents Ethel Wright and her husband, Carlos, were inside their home when shots rang out.  At the time they didn't know what it was. "It sounded like fire crackers," said Wright.  

But it wasn't firecrackers; instead it was a shoot out.  "I was scared," said Ethel Wright, "I was hoping nobody got hurt."

Nobody was hurt, but police are still trying to piece together what happened. Detective James Snider with the Hinesville Police Department said, "There were apparently two different groups of individuals firing a relatively large number of shots at each other."

Investigators said the suspects met up in the neighborhood and started shooting at each other from their cars. They recovered a large number of shell casings, but that's not all they found. "There was a red bandana recovered there and we believe it's more than likely gang related," said Detective Snider.

Which is something that scares the Wrights, "I'm afraid someone will get hurt if they don't get a grip on this thing," said Carlos Wright.

However, if it is a gang related shoot out, the Wrights say they won't live in fear. "This is still a good neighborhood. Just a little bit of bad blood," said Carlos Wright.

Police already have two people in custody and expect to arrest several more soon. Police also say they have no reason to believe the community is in danger.

No one was injured during the shoot out, but a total of four vehicles and one house were damaged.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings, chutchings@wtoc.com

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