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Halloween Costumes Not Scary, Too Sexy

Target says Supergirl shows too much skin for kids. Target says Supergirl shows too much skin for kids.

Target has pulled some teen costumes because they are too sexy. The retail giant says some people were offended by the sexual nature of the outfits, which were meant for teens. That's why they have taken the outfits off store shelves.

Some Savannah parents we talked to say the store may have overreacted.

"On Halloween, you make an exception to wear what they want to wear," said Jessica Daniel. "It's one time a year, it's not like an all day, every day kind of thing."

"Halloween is for dressing up and having fun," according to Jackie Zettler. "You should be able to do what you want."

One of the costumes in question is a Super outfit. Target says Supergirl shows too much skin for kids. Parents who saw it were conflicted about the issue.

"I think it's cute," said Daniel. "Teenagers are going to be teenagers regardless. If it's short like that. They are going to find something to wear."

"I wouldn't let my 12-year-old wear it," said Zettler.

"It needs to be a little more discreet, they don't need to be showing parts of the body they shouldn't be showing at that age," said Roberta Oberhart.

ACME costumes owner Nancy Cox says the sexy costumes are some of the most popular in the entire store. But they make sure they are kept away from the other spots, like the kids' section on the other end of the store, so no one gets confused.

And when it comes to what kind of costumes kids should wear and buy, Cox stays out of it. "We leave it to the parents," she said. "It's not my job to raise their children."

Cox says she's surprised about Target's decision, because teen costumers are big business. And she says it's up to parents not to get "tricked" into buying inappropriate costumes for their kids.

"If their parents are with them, I'd sell it to their parents. I don't sell to 13-year-olds," said Cox.

Target didn't return our calls about the costume controversy, but in an earlier statement the company did apologize to anyone offended by the merchandise.

Target's online store still sells what they call "sassy" costumes, but none of those are made specifically for teenagers.

 Reported by: Andrew Davis, andrewdavis@wtoc.com

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