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Mom Upset With Uniform Policy

When Karen Arrowsmith moved to Chatham County a couple of weeks ago her top priority was enrolling her kids in school. It sounds simple enough until she hit a road block.

"If I had known it was going to be this hard to get my children in school I would never have moved to Chatham county," said Arrowsmith.

Samantha is in 6th grade and Deanna is in 8th. They can't go to school, because Karen can't afford to buy uniforms.

"I am at a point where I am going to home-school. I think it is ridiculous that a uniform is stopping them from going to school," said Arrowsmith.

Karen is battling breast cancer and most of her money goes toward treatments.

So she asked West Chatham Middle school for help. Help Karen says they just couldn't provide.

"The only thing they had in uniform closet would fit me not my child who wears a size zero," said Arrowsmith.

The principal at West Chatham Middle School Kerry Coursey says she did try and help the family and offered to allow them to get clothes from the uniform closet, but she says they didn't want to.

"If parents ask to borrow uniforms, we do work with them," said Coursey.

Coursey admits she didn't have a smaller size for Karen's daughter, but says the child never even tried on any of the clothes in the closet.

"We understand families face difficulties times and hardships sometimes unexpected and that's why we have the uniform closet," said Coursey.

A uniform closet Karen says just doesn't cut it.

"That's not fair to my children cause I've been sick and can't give them everything I would like to give them and education is one thing and I have the right to give them they shouldn't take that away because I can't afford a pair of pants," said Arrowsmith.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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