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Shake Off the Snow and Warm Up Your Wardrobe

By Daisy Whitney

Are you ready to get rid of the turtlenecks, woolen socks and heavy snowboots you've had to keep handy all winter long? If you've got the winter blues, like many people around the country who have been pelted with snow the last few months, you're probably ready to shed the layers and don some breezy spring clothes.

            Here's a quick guide to prep your wardrobe for warmer months.

            Minis, metallics and crazy platform shoes will be the look of the season.

            You may also want to invest in a little white dress, an oversized bag, wide leg jeans (not bootleg), and big sunglasses in quirky colors like red, white, beige and yellow, says Katrina Szish, style director of US Weekly Magazine.

            But how do you make these styles work for you? The real key is to know whether or not these trends are your particular style, says fashion consultant Amy Lindquist. "In almost every season, there's something for everyone, but everyone should not try to do everything," she says.

            She offered this crib sheet for your next shopping trip.

            --Polka dots: They might seem "so garden club" but polka dots of any stripe are making a comeback. "If you don't favor a polka dot dress or blouse, try a scarf at the neck to spice up a neutral suit," Lindquist says.

            --Miniskirts/dresses: The hemline of the season is short, very short. If you're not comfortable showing off the whole leg, you can also pair miniskirst with leggings.

            --Metallic accessories: Handbags, shoes and belts in gold, silver or bronze are very glam.

            --Rosettes: Look for rose detailing on dresses, jackets and blouses. They are sweet, simple and perfect for the romantic in all of us.

            --Shoes: Grab a pair of platform peep-toe shoes. Stylish shoes can instantly update an ensemble.

            So with just a few new items, you've got the ingredients you'll need to step out in style when the snow melts and the weather turns warm.


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