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Nancy Grace Comes to Savannah

She's controversial, entertaining and wildly popular. Saturday, "she" was in Savannah to raise money for a good cause.

"She brings to the table excitement and sometimes controversy, but she also brings a wealth of knowledge about the justice system," says Gayle Burkhardt, One Hundred President.

She, is Nancy Grace. The controversial talk show host, and Georgia native, spoke in front of a packed house at Savannah's International Trade and Convention Center. Her visit was for a good cause, Backus Children's Hospital.

"Nancy Grace is known for speaking out on justice issues, family violence, domestic issues," says Dr Jean Wright, Vice President of Women's and Children's Services at Memorial Health. "Children's hospitals in many ways do the same thing. They give a voice to those who have no voice or they give care and compassion to those who can't stand on their own."

"Of all people, children are the ones who truly don't have a voice," according to Grace. "So I hope I've taken that same message I gave to juries to the airwaves every night, and hopefully today can help children as well."

The event was sponsored by the One Hundred. A philanthropic agency designed to raise money for the hospital.

The group wanted to draw attention to the cause, and what better way to do that is bring in someone who brings in ratings every night. But Grace believes it's not her, but her stories that draw the audience.

"I really believe its not about me," says Grace. "Its about the trial, its about the case. That's what people are interested in. Any anchor that thinks its about them, I hate to disappoint them, but its not."

The case almost everyone seems fixated on now involves the death of Anna Nicole Smith. While it seems like a waste of time to some, Grace believes there's value in it for everyone.

"When my parents or someone in my family pass away god forbid, I want to know that their body is treated with respect and the burial goes as it should.," says Grace. "And that their wishes are carried out. In my mind the Anna Nicole Smith is just a symbol of what we all want at that time in our lives."

By speaking here and now, Grace hopes to raise money so Backus can save lives later.

Since its inception in 1994, the One Hundred has raised more than $1.5 million for Backus Children's Hospital. if you would like more information about the One Hundred, call Gayle Burkhardt at (912)598-0969.

For more information on Backus Children's Hospital log on to .

Reported by: Andrew Davis


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