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Pet Food Recall on Major Brands

Hurley is one of the cats suffering as a result of eating tainted cat food. Hurley is one of the cats suffering as a result of eating tainted cat food.

Pets all across the country are getting sick, and in some cases dying from the tainted wet dog and cat food made by Menu Foods, a company that packages its food under several different labels.

At least 10 pet deaths are being blamed on the food and for one very loyal cat owner in our area, the pet food recall comes too late.

Karen Goodhart considers the photos of her cats to be baby pictures. "They are my shadows. They do everything I do," said Goodhart.

Goodhart feeds her cats Special Kitty cat food and has been doing so for three years. Now her vet is telling her that food took the life of one her babies, Lil' Fella. The news gets worse because her other cat Max is very sick too.

"I think that nobody else should have to do that; it's wrong,"  she says.

So far at Crossroad Animal Hospital there's been a total of three animals that doctors like Pam Fandrich say have kidney failure because of the food. "It's a wheat gluten which is an ingredient in the food and it's a common ingredient they think might be a mold or fungus," said Fandrich. "They don't know yet."

Fandrich says she is taking care of two cats right now, Hurley and Max who are suffering from kidney failure because of the cat food.  "She is in severe kidney failure right now and it's going to be a question of how much damage is done to the kidney and how much we can get back," Fandrich explained.

The Canadian manufacturer has recalled all of gravy wet style foods. Fandrich says if you notice your pet eating less, drinking more water, vomiting or having diarrhea, take them to the vet immediately.

"There are a lot of different diets and vets have had a flood of calls and appointments so it might be difficult to get in," said Fandrich.

As for Goodhart, only time will tell if her feline will be okay. "You just don't think your one can in 60 million would be the one," she said.

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