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Former Brunswick Star Takes his Game to Europe

Bill Alford has two interceptions so far this season in NFL Europa Bill Alford has two interceptions so far this season in NFL Europa

Brunswick's Bill Alford is living a dream, playing pro football and travelling the world.

Alford is playing for the Frankfurt Galaxy in NFL Europa and loving it.

The Galaxy is on top of the standings and looking for a spot in the upcoming World Bowl. But living in a different culture has been an adventure.

"Everything works with the subways and things like that," explains Alford. "It's pretty much the same so, it's easy to get used to it. They teach english at a very young age over there so most of the people of are functional with their english. So, we can communicate. You have to be careful with a southern drawl or accents, or mixing in too much slang."

But, what has been Alford's biggest adjustment to living overseas.

"The coaching is so different," said Alford. "Being in Frankfurt things are totally different like traffic lights and how things work at a Wal-mart or a gas station. I don't think there's too much of a difference with the playing part. The fans over there are just as good as some of the fans over here and the stadiums and everything, but, culture wise, is the assigned seats in the movie theaters."

Alford played for the Brunswick Pirates 1999 team that made it all the way to the Georgia State Championship game before losing to Lowndes in Valdosta.

He has a lot of memories of that time of his life.

"The biggest thing we had, we had a lot of talent who believed we could beat anybody every night we stepped on the field," smiles Alford. "We felt like we were going to win, the only question was how much we were going to win by. The biggest thing you do in any league is believing you're the best and you're going to win every time you step out."

Alford went on to play his college football at Vanderbilt and now is trying to make it to the NFL through Europe, where he also has built a lot of memories.

"The first year, i wanted to go to Europe, because i felt i had something to prove because i got cut by Baltimore," explains Alford. "Coming back a second season is a little disheartening because you feel like you had a good season last year so I don't know what more i can do. In the end, I know this is the best thing I can do to give me the best opportunity to get back into an NFL camp."

Alford's Galaxy team takes on the Cologne Centurions this weekend.

The winner of that game goes to NFL Europa's World Bowl.

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