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Jasper County Schools Opens Doors to New Complex

Students are back in school in Jasper County. Students are back in school in Jasper County.

After a lot of turmoil, Jasper County Schools finally opened one of their new school complexes. Children at Ridgeland Elementary have a lot to be happy about. Their first day in their newly built school has students, excited to learn.

"They were just gaga, they were oohing and ahhing," said Ridgeland Elementary teacher Laurie Johnson. "They were just excited."

Students have had a lot to say about it all today. "The school is big" said Amoray Beaton.

Even the classrooms have been a big hit. "They're big and pretty," said Desmond Gaillard.

In Jasper County, this new school is a pretty big deal. The county hasn't built a new school for more than 50 years and they had to fight to get voters to approve the funding for the two new school complexes.

"We love the space, we love the new furniture, all of the new equipment," said Laurie Johnson.

It's really a new day, a new way in Jasper County, as their new logo states. They've added state of the art technology, hired some new people, increased their teachers' wages and they've implemented a new school uniform policy for all of the schools.

But while students at the new Ridgeland complex enjoy all of their new amenities, it wasn't the same story for Hardeeville students. Middle and high schoolers are being housed at the old Jasper County High because their new complex isn't ready and the elementary students are back at their old building.

"I really wanted to go to the other one, but we'll just have to come to this one," said Terrell Knighton.

Not only that, but students at Jasper County High had to spend the day in homeroom because of a computer glitch.

"When we came in this morning to run additional schedules, something had happened with the database that had everything out of kilter," said Hardeeville High and Middle School principal Dr. Carletha Youmans.

Problems they hope to resolve quickly so they too can begin enjoying the new school year.

School officials haven't announced when the new Hardeeville School complex will open. The new schools were funded through a school bond referendum voters passed several years ago after a long legal battle.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com 

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