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Antonio Henton in Statesboro

Antonio Henton Antonio Henton

STATESBORO, GA -- On Monday... Antonio Henton enrolled at Georgia Southern. That's news because the former Peach County quarterback made the transfer from Ohio State.

Today... I caught up with multiple threat quarterback and asked him which he liked better... to run or throw.

"I like to do whatever it takes to win," says Henton. "If it comes down to throwing, I throw it. If it comes down to running, I run. I just want to win."

Henton said he throws the ball better than he runs it. He led Peach County to the state title in 2005 when he played for Rance Gillespie, now the Georgia Southern offensive coordinator. That will help make the transition easier.  "I felt like if I was going somewhere I would play for him again. That's not saying anything bad about coach (Jim) Tressel. He's a great guy and he's got a good coaching staff around him. The players, we built a bond, we were like brothers. I'm trying to get it the same here in Statesboro."

Henton is in summer school and getting to know his way around the campus and developing relationships with his new teammates. "I was kind of proud I got the opportunity to come down here early so that I could learn stuff, learn the players, learn the academic side of the school and just get here and learn the offense. They say it's pretty easy so it shouldn't take long. At the same time i've got to get to know the players as well as the offense. I've got to know who's going to block the defensive guy trying to attack me. I've just got to learn a lot of stuff at once."

You can hear what he has to say and what coach Chris Hatcher has to say in the stories attached to this page.

Reported by: Rick Snow,

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