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Five reasons why the price of gas isn't that bad

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Sometimes it's not always easy to see the bright side of a dark situation, but if you look hard enough you can sometimes find it.

What could possibly be good about paying more than $4 dollars a gallon for gas? That's the question we asked many of you and found at least 5 reasons these high prices aren't all that bad.

We start with number 5: Staying home and on top of chores.

"My yard looks fabulous this summer," said Lisa Reinhardt of Savannah, "I told my neighbors I am going to have the best looking yard and I've gotten so many compliments about my yard because that's all I do. I don't go anywhere."

Number 4: less people driving means less cars on the road which helps our environment.

"I think we're saving the rain forest, not wearing the tires off the cars," said John Nixon of Seabrook South Carolina.  

Number 3:  people are getting healthier.

"I went out and bought a bicycle to ride to the post office so I am healthier,' said Al Stillings of Tybee Island, "I am not sure if it's going to work."

Number 2: looking at alternatives.

"One of the potentials of high gas prices is possibly forcing our society and our government into looking for alternative sources," said Jack Opdyke of New York.

"We can become more self reliant," said Jill Maden about reducing our dependency on foreign oil.

The number one reason we found why people think high gas prices are good:  they're bringing families back together.

"Since gas prices are so high we're not going out as much so we're spending more time with the family at home," said Kathy Zurakowski of Canton, Ohio.

Many tourists visiting Savannah say normally when they come to town with family and friends they all drive separately, but not anymore.  

"We're all in the same car together. Had a great trip saved on half the gas," said Franky Rains of Arkansas.

However, while many people we talked to could find at least one good thing about the high gas prices there were just as many that told us there was absolutely nothing good about the price of gas.

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