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Reaction To Bobby Buckner's Indictment

Tony Flynn remembers the day Moore went missing. Tony Flynn remembers the day Moore went missing.

SAVANNAH, GA-- Bobby Buckner is already behind bars serving time on the other convictions, but this indictment is another step toward closure in the Ashleigh Moore murder and depending on who you talk to you get a totally different reaction to this indictment.

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Almost five years later, neighbors living doors away from where it all started may finally get closure. "It was scary," said Tony Flynn who lives just a few doors down from Moore, "I'll tell you that much, I am glad it's over."

Flynn remembers the day Moore went missing and the conversation he had with Bobby Buckner.  "I remember he had come to my house and stood in my living room and asked if we'd seen Ashleigh at anytime or if she'd been around my kids or if my kids or anybody knew where she'd be hanging out. We didn't know anything," said Flynn.

As the investigation went on people started learning more about Bobby Buckner; how he was on probation for statutory rape and told to stay away from children, something Moore's mother knew but neighbors didn't. "All the kids played together in his yard, her yard. We didn't know anything about him. We were never informed about him from anybody," said Flynn.

In 2003 Buckner went to trial, not for the murder of Ashleigh Moore but for being in violation of his probation.

His attorney during the 2003 trial, Michael Schiavone, felt the state was just looking for a way to put Buckner behind bars and isn't surprised about Wednesday's indictment.

"The fact that he had a relationship with the mother, it's like with married couples if a wife goes missing they normally always accuse the husband or someone close to the family to the person missing and this is exactly the same type of situation. For whatever reason the government has directed the case to Bobby Buckner," said Schiavone.

And like many people, Schiavone wants to know what the state has recently uncovered. "I would think that they would have to have additional evidence than what they initially had. Frankly if they're traveling on what they had originally I can't imagine they would have indicted this case."

Investigators say this was a complex investigation, they knew it was going to take a while to investigate, but they're confident they have everything they need for a conviction.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings,

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