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After 5 years lost, New York Beagle is found in Georgia

Rocko's family hasn't seen him in five years. Rocko's family hasn't seen him in five years.

By: David Hall - bio| email

LIBERTY COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - A New York family never thought they'd be traveling all the way to Georgia today to see their long lost pet Rocko.

"I'm very excited," said owner Jorge Villacis.

"Well we had Rocko two months prior to him getting lost and it meant a lot to us," said owner Nicholas Naranjo.

Rocko's family hasn't seen him in five years.

The 40 pound Beagle is a native New Yorker but by chance showed up at the Liberty County Animal Control Shelter.

"Rocko's a very nice animal," said LCAC Director Randy Durrence.

Durrence has been tending to Rocko since the fourth of July.

"It's amazing that he made it this far," said Durrence.

But how did a Beagle from the Big Apple make it's way all the way to Liberty County? Durrence has his own theory.

"Only thing we can think of right now is someone may have found him and brought him to this area and that's how he got here," said Durrence.

Regardless of how Rocko got to Georgia, Durrence said the dog's microchip helped him find his owners. Today the owners flew in from New York to bring their dog home.

Nicholas Naranjo explained how Rocko escaped.

"One after noon my grandfather opened the back gate and he got out through the fence and when I got back that afternoon he was gone for good," said Naranjo.

Naranjo said they put up signs and went to local shelters but were unable to find Rocko until now.

"We were hoping he wasn't dead, we were hoping that he was just picked up by a family and taken care of," said Naranjo.

No one really knows what happened to Rocko during the time he was lost or before he reached animal control but his family is overjoyed to have him back.

"When I get back home I'll probably cry with my daughter together," said Villacis.

"I pictured him in Jersey but never all the way down here," said Naranjo.

Rocko was in good health when he arrived to the shelter; Nicholas said he couldn't wait to take him back to Queens, New York where he'll meet the rest of his family including two other dogs and a cat.

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