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Abduction Safety Tips

We hear about carjackings, burglaries, and kidnappings all too often. That's why teachers and parents at Memorial Day School called in an expert to teach them how to stay safe. If you stay alert to your surroundings and have a plan as to what to do if someone is after you or your possessions, it could help save your life.

J. Trincher Watkins heads up Multi-State Crime Interdiction, a group of retired a law-enforcement agents that teaches crime prevention and was at Memorial Day last night. From gun safety to abductions, dozens of parents are learning how to protect themselves and their kids. One of their main concerns is what they should do if they saw a child being kidnapped.

"My instinct, I thought, was to fight for him," said concerned mom Mary Davidson, "but the best thing to do is to get help."

Davidson learned if the kidnapper took her, too, chances are it could be hours before anyone would know they're missing and more than likely, there would be no witnesses.

"That's why you need a plan. What are you going to do?" said Watkins.

Knowing what to do could help save your life, especially if you are by yourself.

"According to FBI statistics, 85 percent of the time if you leave with somebody you're not coming back. Your chances of survival went downhill," explained Watkins.

One of the most important things to know if someone tries to take you is that it's best to fall to the ground. It's easy to pick a child up when he's standing, but it takes much more time and effort to pick him up and carry him away when he's on the ground.

But most importantly, never be too trusting, no matter where you are or what time of day it is. And never let strangers get too close.

"Look around, be aware, know what's going on around you," concluded Watkins.

The bottom line is, you never know if or when someone will come after you or a loved one, but your chances of escaping without harm are better if you have a plan.

Reported by: Holly Bristow

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