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International Space Station Viewing:

The International Space Station along with the Space Shuttle Discovery will be visible this week in the evening. Wednesday will be a spectacular view as the shuttle pulls away, plus the pairing will be very bright.

International Space Station Viewing
Tue 10-Jun8:40 PM-1.0NNW-ESE
Tue 10-Jun10:17 PM+0.3W-SW
Wed 11-Jun9:02 PM-2.1NW-SE
Thu 12-Jun9:25 PM+0.3W-SSW
Fri 13-Jun8:34 PM+0.3W-SSW

Time The beginning of the view

Magnitude Brightness ... the more negative the value, the brighter. 0 would be equal to the brightness of the stars in the big dipper ... -2.1 is like Jupiter ... -4.3 is like Venus

Direction Direction on the compass of the beginning of view to the direction of end of view.

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