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Health and Wellness
An important part of the St. Joseph's/Candler mission is to help you learn and adhere to the lifestyle skills and techniques you need to become and remain as healthy as possible. Throughout the SJ/C website you can find more information about a variety of programs promoting overall health, wellness and prevention. Many of the programs can be reviewed by clicking on the links below.
Sports Medicine African American Health Information & Resource Center Heart Disease Prevention and Management
Mobile Screenings Center for WellBeing Wellness Center Health Connection Diabetes Management

of Excellence

Institute for Advanced Bone and Joint Surgery

Institute for Neurosciences

Mary Telfair
Women's Hospital

Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis  Cancer & Research Pavilion

The Heart Hospital

Center for Hyperbarics and Wound Care

Center for Oto-Neurology

Critical Care

Diabetes Services

Digestive Diseases

Emergency Care Services

Home Health Care

Imaging Services

Laboratory Services

Outpatient Pharmacy Services

Center for Pulmonary Health

Rehabilitation Center


Surgical Services

Medical Services

With our long-standing reputation for excellence,
St. Joseph's/Candler is consistently selected as the region's preferred healthcare facility of choice. Our reputation for quality patient care is matched with high-powered smart technologies, advanced medical services, and highly skilled medical experts dedicated to the advancement of smart medicine. 

From the radically futuristic technologies that are offered in our Centers of Excellence to our other highly specialized and comprehensive service lines, St. Joseph's/Candler remains committed to providing both the highest quality of care and the most satisfying patient experience. 

For specific information on our advanced medical services, please click on the adjacent links, or visit our homepage.


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