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Safeguarding Animals During Hurricanes

(National) - The group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has advice for ensuring the safety of animal companions.

  1. In the event that your area is evacuated, never leave companion animals behind to fend for themselves. They aren't any better equipped to survive disasters than humans are.

  2. Know your destination ahead of time. Shelters often do not accept animals, but motels in the area will probably accept dogs, cats, and other small animals in an emergency. Call destinations in advance, and find out which ones will accommodate you and your animals. Do not plan to leave animals unsupervised in a car, since they can suffer from heatstroke.

  3. Place small animals in secure carriers. Dogs should be leashed with harnesses, as frightening circumstances may make them bolt. Bring along water and food bowls, a towel, and enough food for a week.

  4. Put I.D. tags on your animals in case they become separated from you.

  5. If you absolutely must leave your companion animals behind, leave them inside the house, with access to upper floors. Leave out at least 10 days' supply of dry food and water. Fill multiple sinks, bowls, pans, and plastic containers with water. Do not turn animals loose outside to fend for themselves or, worse, tie them up or leave them outside in cages, where they will be unable to flee rising flood waters.

  6. PETA encourages communities and individuals to implement the American Red Cross' preparation plans for animals .

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