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Counselors Help Ashleigh Moore's Classmates

One week ago, Ashleigh Moore's friends and classmates held a vigil in her honor. They all wore blue ribbons and dedicated a flag to their friend, who they believed would be coming home. But yesterday afternoon, students at DeRenne Middle School learned the quiet but funny girl in their class would not be coming back. When news reached the school, counselors acted quickly. They called in extra counselors from the district and sent home letters to parents, letting them what happened and giving them tips on how to help their children cope.

"We spent some time with them, talked with them and continued to check on them throughout day and allowed them to either leave the room for counseling, or talk to parents, whatever it is they needed," said school counselor Rob Norman.

Counselors say today, students continued to grieve, feeling a variety of mixed emotions including fear, sorrow and confusion.

"Lots of raw emotions being expressed even though we had been, in a sense, preparing for it for a while," said Norman. "It was a shock and it was a tough day for everyone."

And while counselors work to help students, they hope parents will offer an ear or a shoulder should their child need one at home.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,

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