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Tim's Take: No Falcons is NFL's call

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By Tim Guidera - bio | email 

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) –  WTOC will not be carrying the Atlanta Falcons game this Sunday, even though they are playing an AFC team this week.

We'd like to. We just can't.

The NFL's Broadcast Policy requires us to show the Jaguars game because they are on the road. And because, the Coastal Empire is considered - by the NFL - to be a secondary Jacksonville market.

This is just the way the NFL does business. It's the NFL's game, the NFL's ball, so it's going to be the NFL's rules.

We know there are a lot of Falcons fans here. CBS knows there are a lot of falcons fans here.

The NFL says it doesn't matter. Neither us nor the network has any say in this because some portion of our television market, in this case it would be down around McIntosh and Wayne Counties, is within 75 miles of the Jaguars' stadium.

That's what a secondary market is. And that's the reason WTOC will not be able to take advantage of one of the few opportunities we get during a season to show the falcons and why local fans will have to make other plans to see the Falcons' game against the Bengals Sunday.

Such autocracy is nothing new with the NFL.

We saw it when they chased videographers from many local TV stations off the sidelines of games a few years ago to strengthen their NFL network. And it's not all that different than the arbitrary judgment calls the league will start making this week in regard to fines for helmet to helmet hits. That has caused quite a stir, and we know us not having the falcons Sunday could as well.

But in both cases, it's simply the NFL doing things their own imperial way. They'll decide what a flagrant hit is, just like they've already decided that the 20 counties in Georgia and South Carolina in WTOC's market actually belong to Jacksonville.

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