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Push for skate park in Chatham Co. goes on


Skateboarding has taken off. It's even a professional sport.

But in Chatham County, there aren't any public skate parks.

"Teenagers, young adults, middle aged, boys, girls - everybody skates," said Ben Maher, a supporter of a Chatham County Skate Park.

"Growing up, it was just skating in the streets skating, in the parking lot down on 16th street, and getting in trouble for it," said Adam Williams, a Chatham County Skate Park supporter.

It's become the sport without a playing field.

"Pretty much every other youth-related activity has public outlets where they can practice what they want to do," Williams said.

Maher said they just wanted the park and were willing to raise the money themselves and settle on any location.

The effort to build a skate park in Chatham County originated on Tybee Island. Money was raised. A space granted. But Tybee's mayor said there were residents who were concerned about the noise whether the proposed location would be.

"The people were never really clear on what they had a problem with, it was just something they didn't want because they didn't know about it," Williams said.

Fabio Silva owns Woody's skate park, which is located in the Windsor Forest community. For a small fee, area skateboarders will go there until they have a space to go for free.

"It's actually a sport and not about of delinquents moving around with a board on wheels," he said.

Silva said it's not even about skateboarding.

"It's about getting your mind and your body engaged in something that attracts your attention and compels you to improve yourself," he said.

A group has become the face of getting a public skate park built in Chatham County.

It has become a real grassroots effort.

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