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Cleaning: CARPET

Candle Wax (Carpet or other fabrics): Cover the spot with a brown paper bag or old cloth and run a hot iron over the bag. Keep moving the bag to a "dry" part of the bag until all of the wax has been absorbed. The wax comes up immediately and won't harm your iron.
Sarah, LA; Leslie El-Amin; & Stephanie, TX

Carpet Cleaners (machines): Using club soda in the carpet shampoo-er cleans as well as if not better than carpet shampoo and does not leave the soapy residue behind. And, yes, it will get out most spots. Deb, NV
After steam cleaning your carpet, rinse using fabric softener in your water. Your carpet will feel softer and if you use a lot of the softener it will help prevent spills from soaking in. Cheryl Thacker, TN
I use a little tide detergent with water in my carpet shampoo machine. Flo Whitmoyer, PA

Carpet Deodorizer: Save money on Carpet deodorizers, mix any ground spice, I use cinnamon, and baking soda. Sprinkle on carpet and then vacuum. Also get the Mr Clean shine on your floors, add vinegar to your mop water and you will have shinny floors. This is what the advertisers use in their commercials. Lennie Morgan, OK

General Cleaners: I have found that the best all-around cleaner is simple and cheap. Wash an old cleaner bottle (i use the lysol kitchen antibacterial when it's empty - -recycling yay!) and fill with hot water, then squirt in about 5 seconds worth of dish soap, cap and close. The great thing is this cleans stains on carpets, counters, etc. This mixture is only $2.00 as well!  Jill F, PA

One part vinegar to 2 parts water  is the best and safest way to clean your carpet and linolium floors. If you  have a soap residue build-up left behind this will dissolve them leaving the carpet soft.  Karyn G, OH

Gum Removal: Use an ice cube. Put the ice cube on the gum until the gum is hard. Then remove the ice, and the gum. Don W. Staley, OK
Spray the gum with W-409 and let sit for 3 minutes then scrape off with a butter knife. Barbara, MS


For gum stuck to carpet, clothes, or hair use a can of compressed air. The type used to clean computers is best. Turn it upside down and spray a quick squirt to freeze the gum. Then remove it. Be careful not to spray on skin because you could get "frost-bite". Barb, TN

Fresh Spills: Don't ruin a towel by blotting it up. Heavily pour table salt on the spill, let it soak up the spill. When it draws it up then use a dustpan and scoop up salt. Use seltzer water with a drop of detergent to finish up the cleaning. Extract Away Carpet Service
The perfect way to get a fresh Chocolate Milk spill out of light colored carpets is a product called Simple Green.. It is non-toxic; I have small children, 3 under the age of 4, and it is biodegradible.  Just use it full strength, eventhough it tells you to dilute it.  Then steam clean the carpet.. It is all gone.. It also works great on the stove to remove the grease build up.  Charity Sprinkle, NJ

Indentations: If you have Indentations in your carpet after moving the furniture use ice. Rub an ice cube in the indention and carpet will pop right back up. Amanda Koscielski, TX

Oil Stains: for oil or tar on your carpet, clean it with rubbing alcohol. Kathy Blanchard, VA

Red Wine: Immediately pour a small amount of white wine over the red wine to neutralize the "red" color of the wine. Take a white towel and blot all of the white and red wine up. Next, get a clean white towel and dampen it with a little water. Place the damp towel over the area where the spill was and step on it a few times. Then place down and step on a dry towel until you have absorbed all of the moisture (may need more than one towel). Melissa, NV
Dab the excess up immediately and be sure you DO NOT rub the stain. Take approximately 1 tsp of Oxi-Clean (approximately 2-3 oz.) and mix it in luke warm water. Shake to dissolve the Oxi-Clean then squirt it on the stain (the stain should turn blue.) Then take a clean cloth and dab stain if still remains repeat. Betty Sfreddo

Stains: Windex will remove almost any stain you have. It has removed red Kool-Aid from beige carpet, burgundy hair dye from a baby blue shirt and, worst of all, blood from white wind pants. Just spray Windex on the stain rub gently and throw it in the wash or use a cool damp cloth to wipe away. Michelle, MS
Denture tablets dissolved in water will remove stains from carpet and clothing (even old stains). It also brightens and smells great. L. Groce, KY
To remove most stains from your carpet. Use a clean white cloth with Isopropyl Alcohol (standard household use type) use a lifting motion on the stained area and the stain will vanish. You should test first in an area not noticeable to make sure it doesn't damage your particular carpet. Once your stain is gone, vacuum to fluff up the area. Brenda Ralston
Use a 3 to 1 mixture of vinegar and water to remove most any carpet stain. Regan IA.


Spray carpet stains with Dow bathroom cleaner and wipe up with a damp cloth. Tom Harris, MS


Spray bathroom cleaner Scrubbing Bubbles on carpet stains. Allow it to set for a minute then wipe clean. It works for me. Anna J. Mack, TN


I have found that using Huggies Baby Wipes (regular) will take most any stain out of carpets, new or old. It is really great! Jacqueline Schaeffer, HI


To soak up just any spill including soda juice drinks pour salt to absorb the liquid. Ne'Osha Dartez Houston, TX

Urine: A 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water takes out urine smells out of carpets and furniture when pets have accidents. Stacy Huot

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