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You Could Be Fined for Baggy Pants

Atlanta lawmakers say they want to raise up the quality of their community by raising up teenagers' pants.

They want to ban baggy pants that go so far down you can see someone's underwear and they want to fine those who wear them.

But could a similar law be proposed in Savannah? "I think it's a shame for a young man to go around showing his BVD's," says Major Perry.

"You got kids walking around with their underwear showing," says Freddie Curtis. "Its just not right."

"Back in my day every man wore his pants like they were supposed to and that was up," says Perry.

But these days more and more are wearing them low and baggy and some are questioning if this clothing style should be banned.

As lawmakers in Atlanta debate the idea of a low pants law, we wondered where Savannah stood.

"You represent your parents, you represent yourself," says Kevin Chapman. "You have to look good."

"This is not a fashion statement on anything," explains Stanley Fields. "This is just a more comfortable style than me having my shirt tucked in and my pants really tight, just personal preference thats all."

"I think its wrong to critique somebody's clothing and where they should wear it," says Danielle Cooler. "People should be able to wear whatever they want."

But even the people who's preference it is to wear pants hanging low understand there is such a thing as too low.

"There's low and there's ridiculous," says Curtis.

"I think your shorts being baggy and your butt showing are two completely different things," according to Fields.

But until the style changes, stores say they'll keep stocking the big pants and people will keep wearing them lower and lower, until the next trend hits the floor.

"I told one guy one day he should just take them off," says Chapman. "They are so low, just take them off."

Already the town of Delcambre, Louisiana has set down a $500 fine or six months in jail for exposing your underwear in public.

Several other Louisiana governments have followed suit.

If it passes, Atlanta would be the first big city to create a baggy pants law. Theirs would include a fine, but no jail time.

Reported by: Andrew Davis,

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