New creative ways to watch St. Patrick's day parade

Jon Kotowski's couch in the sky was one of the most unique vantage points from which to watch the parade this year.
Jon Kotowski's couch in the sky was one of the most unique vantage points from which to watch the parade this year.

By Tim Guidera - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Never mind necessity. In Savannah, St. Patrick's Day is the mother of invention, the ways of watching the parade becoming increasingly interesting, imaginative and labor intensive.

"St. Patrick's Day is always packed with people,'' said David DeWitt, who helped build a 12x12 elevated deck from which friends and family could watch the parade. "So managing things and getting everything in, the logistics and everything get to be a challenge.''

And people are coming up with different ways to meet that challenge, some more involved and more unique than others.

Like the 300-pounds and several weekends worth of work Jon Kotowski put together, loaded onto his pickup and pushed across town this morning.

"Just a couch,'' he said. "Just so we can get above is all and see it all.''

And have it all.

Kotowski's contraption was actually a couch mounted on a large wooden frame and placed him six feet above the crowd outside Lafayette Square. But another feature was located beneath him as he peeled back an outer curtain to reveal more storage space than you'll find in some downtown apartments.

"Underneath I have all the supplies you need for a good St. Patrick's Day,'' he said "I have some beer, some food and, if the kids get tired, I have some blankets down there for them to lie down on.''

He wasn't the only one with a unique plan.

The parade route was dotted with inventive ways to watch, a real sign of progress at an event approaching 200 years old and getting bigger all the time. And as Savannah's parade has branched out, the best way to see it, apparently, is to go up.

"You know, you want prime viewing space and this is the way to do it, get above the crowd,'' said Corey Jones, who erected a scaffold outside his downtown home to accommodate about a half-dozen friends and relatives.

"Something like this is great,'' added DeWitt, "because it contains the kids and it gives them a place where they can enjoy it from a good vantage point of the parade and enjoy all the festivities.''

While also enjoying a real advantage from that point over everyone below on the ground.

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